Need a Career Change-Apply These 7 Prinicples

The need for a career change tends to occur when people start to experience one or a combination of two factors. These two factors can either be Internal or External. The sad case is that although many feel the need for a career change, they have no idea what they would like to do next and for some, what they want to do is obvious but how, where and when continues to elude them. Regardless of the factors that trigger the need for a career change, the most important question one needs to answer is ‘WHY’.

2 years ago, we re-packaged our winning formula for helping people attain the career of their dreams and doubling their salaries. The results have been phenomenal with 100% success rate and thousands of people attaining the right career change and getting job of their dreams.
However, before we tell you what this winning formula is, let us establish the key reasons why people develop the need for a career change:

There are two deciding factors for this:

External FactorsA lot people develop the need for a career change due to a number of external factors and these can be related to their working relationships with fellow colleagues, an inability to grow within the company, poor location, an unpleasant environment or family related reasons.

When any of these factors become the need for a career change, there are questions you need to ask yourself before making that life changing decision to change your career.

“Am I sure the problem does not lie with me?”

1. How well do you relate with people? – Would you say your attitude welcomes or drives people from you? If the problem has got to do with your attitude, you’ll have the same problem elsewhere.

2. How competitive are you within your current role? – Employers value employees that help grow their business and will give anything to retain that person. Are you exercising your natural talents at work daily? Your natural energisers (PASSION)! Do you have any for your current job?

3. Location, environment and family related reasons are also external factors that puts us in a position to make life changing choices, but they must never be at the risk of loosing our identity. what makes us whole and fulfilled in life.

Internal Factors These factors are probably the most valid reason when it comes to experiencing the need for a career change.

It’s battle between what your conscience is telling you, your dreams, hopes, aspiration and your current situation. The need for a better life, a more fulfilling career, the ability to exercise your natural talents and engage your passion.

A Combination of External & Internal Factors On the other hand, it could be a combination of both external and internal factors, which can be very dangerous because it can lead to a life of frustration, despair. Inevitably leading to envy and jealousy for the progress of other people.

When this happens, you could find yourself wanting the success of others and dedicating your life to getting it.

This is a road that will always lead to a dead end.

Little progress is made when you try to be someone else. Most times, your weaknesses become more evident and people begin to see an incompetent employee rather than a competent one.

So Why Do You Need A Career ChangeThis is what it’s all about. Finding the answer to your ‘WHY’s in life.

As Stephen Covey once mentioned at one of his seminars, if you can find the answers to your ‘WHY’s in life, you can handle any ‘WHAT’, ‘WHERE’, ‘WHEN’, ‘HOW’ or ‘IF’.

Why do you need a career change?If your answer to this question falls under the need to attain career fulfilment, enjoy going to work and getting paid a fortune for what you do so naturally, then our successfully tried and tested, easy to apply principles can help you make the right career change today.

Here is a quick summary of the 7 easy to understand and apply principles to changing your career and attaining the job of your dreams:

Step 1: The 12 Laws of Discovering Your Purpose- Give a dog a bone and you’ve got it working, give a dog your month’s wage in cash and you’ll be working extra hours to make the money back.

“Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable”- Myles Munroe

Step 2: Creating Your Unique Selling Point People will only see you as you see yourself. When you pay to watch a play or a movie, you are not just there to see the actors but to enjoy the characters they portray – 100% of our candidates have potentially doubled their salaries and gotten the career of their dreams because our eWorkshop has taught them how to create their Unique Selling Point (USP).

Step 3: Knowing What The Employer Wants A doctor never tries to treat a patient without trying to first diagnose the cause of illness. Diagnose the Employer – Joyce attained two great job offers because of this.

This eWorkshop will teach you how to do this in relation to your chosen career.

Step 4: Job Hunting Smarter Not Harder 70% of jobs are never advertised and 1 in 4 jobs are duplicated online at least 5 times out of the 30% of jobs actually advertised. You need to be looking for the 70% of jobs. How you do this requires thinking outside the box.

Step 5: How To Rebrand & Remarket Yourself To Win 80% of employers overlook key details on your Resume / CV and to every job advertised nationally, there are 1000 applicants to each job. If your Resume / CV does not stand out, you might as well stay out. Our sample Resume and CV templates got Joyce a job of a life time. Triple her previous salary.

Step 6: How To Network From The Top Down If Bill Gates was your best friend, would you need to contact HR? The internet has made networking as easy as a piece of cake. James has been using this concept since he graduated. Today, he is an Investment Banker for one of the world’s Investment banking companies.

Step 7: Selling Without Selling At Interviews No one likes to be sold to. We like to feel like we are buying for our own reasons. When you go fishing and you want to catch a fish, do you bait the hook with your favourite food or with the favourite food of the fish. Bait the hook according to the fish type. Maria applied this principle and she is earning double her previous salary.

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Clear Your Doubts About Microsoft Designing and Implementing Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certif

Are you planning to appear in Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification Exam but still need to know what it is? Don’t worry, and we are here to help you!

A candidate for this exam must have solid knowledge and experience developing apps for Azure and working with Azure Cosmos DB database technologies. They should be proficient at developing applications that use the API for Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL. They should be able to write efficient SQL queries for the API and create appropriate index policies. They should have experience creating server-side objects with JavaScript. Additionally, they should be familiar with provisioning and managing resources in Azure. They should be able to interpret JSON, read C# or Java code, and use PowerShell.

This certification is designed for those who want to implement cloud-native applications using technologies such as Azure Websites and Azure Storage. Cloud-native applications are designed to be highly available across data centers, and the application code must be capable of performing its functionality without relying on the network or resources in the other data center.

Topics Covered On Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification Exam:

The Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification exam covered a variety of topics. Here we cover the topics covered under this exam in one place to help you easily understand the whole syllabus and pass DP-420 Certification Exam on the first attempt.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
Developing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Applications
Developing SQL Queries with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
Developing NoSQL Objects with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
Managing Azure Cosmos DB Resources
Implementing Azure Cosmos DB APIs and SDKs
Implementing Advanced Features of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
These are some of the most important topics you can expect on the Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification Exam Questions when you take the exam. You can check the whole on the official website.

Who Should Take This Examination?
This is an exam for everyone. Why? Because the certification focuses on all the basics of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. The basic knowledge of Azure Cosmos DB should be already in your space before you make your career on this cloud. If you have good knowledge about Cosmos DB and want to build up some more skills for yourself, then there is no harm in taking this exam.

How To Start Preparation For Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification?

If you are looking for a good way of preparation, we recommend you study the BrainDumps4IT ms DP-420 study material. This material not only gives you an idea of how and what to study but also provides a complete review of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and other topics covered by the exam. But it is always recommended that you start early!

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Benefits Of Becoming Certified:
There are many benefits to becoming a certified professional. When you hold a certification, you get confirmation that you are one of the best in the world. The other benefit is that you can easily save your precious time and money with an exam from Microsoft. Earning this certification will give your resume a good reputation, helping you get a better job easily.

This certification applies to other companies too. Doing it for Microsoft will give you get many opportunities that you can do after the certification. There are many jobs available with this certification, not just in the IT industry but in different fields.

It is safe to say that Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification Exam is a great opportunity for you to gain knowledge and experience in all aspects of developing cloud-native applications, right from designing the application architecture to implementing and managing them.

Job Roles Of Certified Professionals:
The job roles of a certified professional are wider than just one field. After passing this exam, you can easily get a job as a Cloud Solution Architect, Database Administrator, SQL Programmer, Developer, and many more! A qualified professional is always in demand in today’s market. With this certification, you will have the opportunity to get the experience that is necessary to stand out from the crowd.

Salary Of A Certified Microsoft Certified Professional:
The salary of a certified professionals depends on their experience and the jobs they apply for. To get the highest amount of money, you need to find a job related to the Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Certification Exam.

You can find all the job information and how you can go about it here. There are various job positions to choose from, and if you pick the right position, then there is no doubt that your salary will increase significantly.

Certification Exams Compared:
Microsoft Certified Professionals have many advantages over their non-certified counterparts. These include a higher salary, better career opportunities, and recognition. However, it is not just about the money and benefits for some professionals; some take the certification exam to test their knowledge and experience. Earning your certification will also give you an edge over others seeking employment in your field.

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What Should be the Next Step After Passing The Microsoft DP-420 Exam?

After passing the DP-420 Exam, you should let it be your first milestone to success. You can add this certification to your portfolio, which will help you get a better job and apply for the position of Cloud Solution Architect, Database Administrator, SQL Programmer, Developer, etc. There are lots of opportunities out there for certified professionals!

After setting your first milestone, you can now move forward and do the other exams from Microsoft as well.

A Final Recap:
We hope you found this article helpful in passing the Microsoft Cloud-Native Applications DP-420 Exam and we encourage you to try out our other exam products available for you to choose from. We are the leader in providing the best preparation materials, and those who pass our products get 100% sure of their success.

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